Interview: (G)I-DLE


Minnie, tell me about your new song “Tung-Tung (Empty)”…
I wrote the song utilising the Korean word “tung-tung” and the message of the song is “my heart which used to be full of you is now empty (tung-tung).” I hope the audience finds the loneliness relatable as it’s a track I put my best efforts into. The harmonies and string instruments are key points also, so pay attention to them as you listen!

Soyeon, as the group’s main songwriter and someone who always strives to be the best, have you ever had a fear around the possibility that a song might not be a success? How do you see past intrusive thoughts like that?
I see failure as something that will not happen. And if it does, it will be just a moment, and I’m sure I’d be able to overcome it shortly.

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