Inteview: KESHI

Client: CLASH


Perhaps, however, it’s not surprising he was struck down with imposter syndrome just as the future was beginning to gleam. “I’m an introspective person, trying to see things from an objective point, trying to get to the root of things: why I feel bad about something, why I’m upset.” Keshi, his emotional dial set to high, began overthinking, unable to fathom “why people wanted to see me in New York [because] they’re not going to get what they want. For the first few months of being signed, I’d dream I was being sent back to the nursing floor,” he laughs. He focused on writing EPs, worried the time needed for an album might kill the momentum he’d created.

“That fear hasn’t gone away,” Keshi points out. “If I’d stopped releasing stuff, I don’t think things would have been as amazing as they are now. But with this trilogy, I’ve established a modest enough footprint for my seat to be kept warm if I go off and write an album for a year.”

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