Women supporting women is not only necessary, but vital

Ask any Blink what they love about the band and one of their first responses will be the girls’ friendship. From the early days, Blackpink members have been there to support one another and their bond is now closer to sisters than bandmates.

They constantly give each other props (even when roasting each other over their audition tapes) whether it’s for their outfits, their idiosyncrasies or the tough moments they’ve managed to endure. The latter can mount up; once Blackpink hit number one on global charts with their debut single “Whistle”, the pressure was on. The less-is-more strategy that’s marked their musical output over the years has created vast columns of opinion from fans and music critics alike. With each rung they’ve climbed, so has anticipation for their next history-making achievement. They constantly occupy a world of bigger, better, faster, stronger.

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