Interview: ATEEZ

Client: British Vogue


Why did you feel like the time was right for ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.1’, a prequel EP?

SAN: “There was always a lot of discussion about when and how to reveal the stories. We’ve been thinking now would be a perfect time to reveal the past story — which is about youth culture — before starting the next series after the Treasure series to encourage the fans to understand the whole story better.”

“Good Lil Boy” has the following lyrics: “You’ll understand when you’re older, I’m tired of these words,” and a similar line appears on “THANXX”. I’m interested in this theme running through the EP — what can you tell me about it?

HONGJOONG: “THANXX and Good Lil Boy share meanings; I wanted to express social issues in a fun way, where we can enjoy it. I wanted to talk to young people, who are pretty much [us], and those who are self-involved or never think that other people can be right. [They] say you have to do this thing or that thing, and I hate to listen [to that].”

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