News: BTS

Client: Dazed


With three albums in under 18 months, plus tours and Japanese releases, BTS are one of the hardest working groups around. In 2017, I spoke to RM for Dazed and he admitted that “everything around BTS moves so fast, sometimes it’s too much”. Now in 2019, I asked him how they balanced themselves with a backbreaking schedule and how that lifestyle influenced their ability to stay creative.


“So this is a very big question and important at the same time,” RM said. “This is about how we’re gonna survive and face our existence. I have to quote myself from 2018, ‘when you grow up and when the night comes and the sun is down, a man’s shadow becomes longer’. So if my height gets higher, the shadow becomes longer. How do you get over the hardships? There is no getting over it. Sometimes it’s too much and too hard and it’s too big for us, but to live and survive as an artist and a human and a person who trusts and loves themselves more, we should be friends with the shadows.”

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