Interview: TXT

Client: Metro (UK)


One becomes hyper-aware of the dust and grime embedded their into skin and clothes when walking into the air-conditioned, pristine hotel suite to meet rising K-Pop rookies, Tomorrow X Together. Soobin, the group’s leader, Yeonjun, Huening Kai, Taehyun and Beomgyu are neither grubby nor sweaty. They’re welcoming and immaculate in simple, crisp casual wear; Yeonjun’s black and white checkerboard shirt is as loud, fashion-wise, as it gets.


Despite a packed schedule – one journalist after the one other filing in and out of this room – they’re comfortable and alert, if not slightly curious as to what another quickly-conducted interview brings. TXT, as their name is commonly abbreviated to, are in town for two days of KCon, the annual, roving Korean pop music convention, which has drawn thousands of fans to the Javits Center by day and Madison Square Garden by night, and where they’ll perform four tracks from their debut EP, The Dream Chapter: Star.

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