Interview: Lexie Liu

Client: DAZED (2019)READ IN FULL

With the recent release of her debut EP, 2030, Liu has carved a space for herself by gathering all these strands and experiences into an intricate braid of sound that wears a hypnotic etherealness even when exploring the darker side of her psyche, and singles her out as a fresh, vital presence in music. Performing in Mandarin and English, and as a singer and melodic rapper, Liu employs varying influences from trap (“Outta Time”, featuring Toronto rapper KILLY) to dancehall (“Strange Things”), but also brings pure pop into the mix on the chiming, bouncy “Love and Run”.


Liu, who has been lauded as “the voice of a Chinese generation”, has had a frenetic few weeks, fielding a surge of media interest. Here, she discusses the world of survival shows, her love of science fiction, creating stories in her work, and why she still feels socially anxious.

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