Interview: WayV

Client: DAZED


But it wouldn’t be WayV if there was a constant consensus. After all, off-stage, their USP is a chaotic, sibling-like camaraderie. They’re earnestly serious one moment, chattering over each other the next. If a question isn’t fully understood in English, they move to Korean while whispering footnotes to each other in Mandarin, a concerto of raised eyebrows, sidelong glances, and laughter muffled by jumper sleeves.

Ten thinks the most noticeable switch-up is their newly goth-ified wardrobe, while vocalists Kun and Winwin, as seen in their behind-the-scenes content, spent much of “Phantom”’s shoot wide-eyed at the unfamiliarity. YangYang, who, alongside 23-year-old lead vocalist Xiaojun, has seen the bombastic musical firsthand, doubles down, saying their take presented “the challenge [of] going into a dark concept”.

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