Interview: Felix Lee

Client: GQ Australia


As a vocalist and rapper, Felix’s contributions have become increasingly iconic markers for STAY (Stray Kids’ fandom). A fan compilation video uploaded to YouTube last summer, entitled “every stray kids mv but it’s only felix’s deep ass voice”, has over two million views. On “Victory Song” (2019), his opening verse unrolls like rumbling warning, his reading of the hook on “Side Effects” (2019) – “머리 아프다” (“my head hurts”) – is the ominous sonic equivalent of the tipping point into chaos, and his parts in last year’s “God’s Menu” went viral amongst YouTube reactors. Felix veritably lights up at the mention of it but those feverish reactions all came as a surprise because, when recording, his focus “was on the structure… this would sound cool, or that would sound very strong, but not like, ‘Oh, this is an iconic moment’. If the whole song is memorable, I feel like I’ve done my part. As long as fans enjoy what we make for them, I’m glad.”

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