Interview: JAYB

Client: Clash


When he can’t fit a few days away into his schedule, he finds an equal sense of freedom by getting out on the road on his motorbike. “They have a very specific feeling. When you’re riding a motorbike you can really feel the wind in your face and the speed you’re going at.” He wants you to know he’s not reckless, he stays within the speed limit, but it’s “the feeling of being alive” when riding motorbikes that draws him to them.

Having previously owned a different model of Harley Sportster, for the past two years he’s ridden a beautiful, chopper-inspired Harley Davidson Seventy-Two. He named it 칠 둘 (chil dul/seven two) and laughs sheepishly as he says this, rubbing his chin. It paints quite a machismo-soaked, Kerouacian picture – the well-thumbed books, the rugged outdoors, the motorcycles – but JAY B brushes that aside. “It’s not that. I realise that the characters and the way these authors write, they have this wild, adventurous feel but I’m not that type so I enjoy it when I read about them. I really can’t become wild because that’s not who I am.” In reality, he is intensely practical, grounded and, as a soloist, points out that he frequently feels “lacking, and that I need to be so much more careful about my future.”

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