Interview: SEVENTEEN

Client: DAZED


“The thing that’s changed is when the members work they look more professional,” says Seungkwan to murmurs of assent, though there are sputters as he adds, “and they look older than before.” He smiles. “But the thing that hasn’t changed since we were trainees is that we still like food from convenience stores. We still laugh at the silliest things that happened ten years ago and as we built these memories I think our love and friendship for each other has grown. It’s the happiest thing to be in this team.”

From those long-ago trainee years, Hoshi recalls a propensity for SEVENTEEN to use their hour-long dinner break to wolf down their food “in ten minutes, then go outside and play soccer for the rest”, while Seungkwan casts an eye towards fellow power vocalist, DK. “There was a time when we had an evaluation as trainees and DK used to rap,” he says. “He had to memorise some lyrics.” Mingyu cackles, and Hoshi pokes DK who doesn’t bat an eyelid, grinning at this well-worn memory. “He completely forgot the lyrics,” Seungkwan continues, “so he did a freestyle rap but it made no sense at all, so we still tease him for that.”

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