Interview: Kang Daniel

Client: Dazed


In January last year, he wrote a letter to his fandom, Danity, saying: “I am trying to pick myself up and greet the coming Spring”. In earlier interviews he’s credited watching other performers with reigniting his passion and hunger but, alongside professional help, he now says discovering what was actually important in his life played a major part in his recovery. “At that time, I was like, ‘I’m not going to do this any more’. Because even if I said something small that didn’t mean anything, it would become something huge (online). And then people would be like, ‘That’s who Kang Daniel is’. So I felt like I shouldn’t do anything at all. I shouldn’t speak or move. But what really touched me was that everyone from my company visited me at least once. I realised that I wasn’t looking at the people closest to me. Although you live life alone, really, people are all connected. They affect you in positive ways.”

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