Interview: SuperM

Client: British Vogue


With all this in mind, it’s unsurprising that one of Baekhyun’s goals is “for people to say only good things about SuperM”. Their fans, who’ve filled arenas in the US, Mexico and Europe, are noisily adoring and with good reason — SuperM’s stage show is compelling. Theirs is a punishing schedule — mid-interview, Taeyong is unable to smother an enormous yawn — but on stage, their energy lights up the cavernous space.

Choreographed numbers, such as I Can’t Stand The Rain, are mighty and aggressive. With You (a loose, routine-less chance to interact with the audience) and No Manners, where they slither around a simple elevated set, seem easy to emulate, but are completely reliant on mesmerising presence and cohesion. “There are so many different stages and performances at a SuperM concert,” says Taeyong, more matter-of-fact than boastful. “You’ll never get to see this chemistry or these members performing together [anywhere else].” Taemin adds: “The fans have shown so much support, and it pushes me to want to perform to even bigger audiences on an even larger scale.”

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