Interview: AB6IX

Client: AB6IX


Daehwi, fluent in English and Korean, has a sharply animated, takes-no-shit energy that makes him an arresting storyteller, although it’s just as easily used to deliver a stinging quip. (It’s no surprise that AB6IX are already notorious with fans for their continual roasting of each other.) He cautiously acknowledges that debuting a second time felt very different to WANNA ONE; “This is a long term group so I felt a lot more responsibility,” he says, “(and) everything comes from us – the music, the concept – so we do our best to perform perfectly. There was a little bit of difficulty in coming together to find the colour of AB6IX because we’re all great at different things.”


They corralled their varying tastes and skills by writing “a lot of songs and being very honest in our opinions, like, ‘we like this’ or ‘let’s edit this’,” says Donghyun in his distinct baritone. They circumvented the possibility of ‘creative difficulties’ by being “always careful of our words because we might get kinda angry with each other,” smiles Daehwi. “But, you know, music is art, so there’s no (right or wrong) answer.”

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