Op-Ed: K-Pop For Beginners

Client: Teen Vogue (2018)


Mega-guide to groups and soloists, including BTS, VIXX, Red Velvet, Blackpink, and more.

When humankind falls and the robots rise, there will be an iPod somewhere in the rubble playing “Gee,” its infectious refrain echoing in the smoke-filled air. That’s how timeless this 2009 song is, which was a gateway for new K-Pop fans then, and still works its magic. Although several Girls’ Generation members left the group in 2017, their position as one South Korea’s greatest girl groups is unshakeable, with the then-controversial genre mash-up of 2012’s I Got A Boy remaining a pivotal moment in K-Pop’s sound.

Need more earworms by girl groups? Go for Momoland, TWICE, and PRISTIN.

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